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Nasonov (Russian: Насонов) is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Nasonova. It may refer to. Nikolai Nasonov (1855–1939), Russian zoologist. Nasonov pheromone · Nasonov's gland · Oleksandr Nasonov (born 1992), Ukrainian football defender; Olga Antonova (née Nasonova in 1960), Russian .The Nasonov (alternatively, Nasanov) pheromone is released by worker bees to orient returning forager bees back to the colony. To broadcast this scent, bees raise their abdomens, which contain the Nasonov glands, and fan their wings vigorously. Nasonov includes a number of different terpenoids including geraniol, .The Nasonov gland is exposed by: workers forming swarm cluster [3], young workers returning from orientation flight [4], foragers at a food source [5], returning foragers when they have problem with finding the nest entrance [6], disorientated workers outside the nest [7], workers waiting at the nest entrance for queen .foraging honeybees found that scent marking with the Nasonov gland was dependent on "the flux of sugar per unit time"16 Influence of the composition of the diet on the scent marking behavior and honey-sack load of a foraging honeybee was also studied17. It was found that the release of Nasonov gland pheromone was .

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